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“Addiction isn’t the problem, it’s an attempt at a solution.” Dr. Gabor Maté.


This great quote is from Gabor Maté, a recently retired Hungarian-born Canadian physician who has specialised in the study and treatment of addiction.

Whilst Gabor Maté is spot on in terms of his to-the-point analysis, he was never able to offer a solution.

At Transformative, we know the misery that addiction can bring to the sufferer and to the people around them. We know how hopeless things can seem at times. But through years of study and deep experience of many different kinds of addiction we have developed a system that directly tackles the underlying pain that drives the addiction.

Like Dr.Maté we have never met an addict of any kind that hasn’t experienced childhood trauma and other trauma’s in later childhood and adulthood, whether-it-be, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, loss, abandonment or something else. Dr.Maté ran a private family practice in East Vancouver for over twenty years. He was also the medical coordinator of the Palliative Care Unit at Vancouver Hospital for seven years. Before he retired he was the staff physician at the Portland Hotel, a residence and resource centre for the people of Vancouver’s Downtown. Many of his patients suffered from mental illness, drug addiction and HIV, or all three. He worked in harm reduction clinics in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Dr.Maté went a step further and said that he “never met a female addict that hadn’t been sexually abused.”

At Transformative, we, like Dr.Maté believe that addictions are an attempt at a solution, to escape the pain of past events, to fill an emotional emptiness left by childhood trauma or neglect and to redress the low self-esteem that these events cause in the sufferer. What if we could revisit those original events in a safe environment and process and fix them all? Imagine the peace and closure that would bring. In clinical hypnotherapy we can do exactly that!

We don’t focus on the addiction. Like Dr.Maté, we know that the addiction isn’t the problem, it’s an attempt at a solution. We focus on the pain and we treat that, through a tried and tested process in clinical hypnotherapy, with proven results.

Everyone deserves happiness, peace and freedom from addiction. We treat all addictions including alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, porn and sex addictions. Contact us now for a completely confidential consultation or for more information.

Author: Tim France
Date: October 2017

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