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Transformative is all about building wellness in individuals and in organisations. Our Company Wellness programmes deliver powerful and effective training and tools that ensure your team and your organisation are operating at the highest levels possible.

As with Personal Wellness, Company Wellness is all about the whole. At Transformative we recognise the importance of looking at your peoples’ collective challenges, their strengths and weaknesses and identifying where their stress points are, while encouraging individuals to take control and responsibility for both their mental and physical wellbeing. We design bespoke resilience and wellness programmes that address the challenges particular to any one group, while giving them the time, space and guidance to nurture their own wellness and resilience both individually and as a team.

Our Company Wellness programmes are fun, engaging and deliver real results.  Clients tell us how effective the learnings are and how quickly they can become embedded in the team culture. Most importantly, our clients report a real change in their own wellbeing and resilience and how they see improvements in their personal lives, as well as their engagement with their workplace challenges. Building wellness and resilience in the workplace really is a win-win for both the individual, and the organisation as a whole as it fosters a culture of collaboration, mutual respect and personal responsibility.

Transformative focuses on four main areas through its Company Wellness programmes: Resilience Training, Corporate Wellness, hypno-coaching and Team-Building. Engaging these services and the deep expertise and experience behind them will ensure that both your organisation and its people are the best equipped to excel in the new economy.

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What makes Transformative unique in the Irish wellness consultancy landscape?
There are three areas that set Transformative apart:

  1. Focus
    Transformative focuses on, and specialises in, helping groups and individuals transform their mental and physical wellness and thrive. All of our services are focused on this goal.
  2. Approach
    Transformative has a refreshing, no-nonsense approach designed to cut to the heart of the matter quickly. All of our services have been designed to be applied quickly and efficiently and to deliver pre-agreed measurable business outcomes for your organisation. We have developed unique processes for many of our services in order to enable this.
  3. Pricing
    The pricing of some of the large wellness consultancies puts them out of reach for many. Not so with Transformative. Our pricing and programme structures are designed to make our services accessible for large companies and SMBs alike.

Taken together, these three factors, along with the fact that Transformative is an Irish company dedicated to supporting Irish business and industry, make Transformative unique in the Irish wellness consultancy landscape.