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Addictions: Ask not why the addiction, but why the pain.

Gabor Maté.

Addictions are hell. We know that. We know how bad they can be, how bad they can make you feel about yourself and how hard recovery can be. Yet, we also know how absolutely essential it is for your own wellbeing and for the wellbeing of the people you love and live with to put your addiction behind you, forever.

We know all about the vicious cycle of addiction too: you act out in your addiction, afterwards you feel terrible, you hate yourself and find that the only thing that will ease the pain is to use your own particular poison again… We know how hopeless that can make you feel and how hard it is for the people around you to understand the desperate trap you find yourself in.

However, we also know why all of this happens. We know that for most people who are stuck in the truly vicious cycle of addiction there are two main drivers: pain, most often caused by past trauma and low self-esteem.  The therapists at Transformative collectively have decades of experience in dealing with every kind of addiction and we will gently, empathetically and patiently deal with both of those drivers.

We deal with all addictions, alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, sex, pornography and all other addictions. We run a completely confidential and non-judgemental service. Whether you have already started your journey to recovery, you have newly recognised your addiction or you have been in a 12-step programme for years, we are here to understand you, ask the right questions and help you make the permanent changes you want.

We also treat the depression, fears and anxiety that can exacerbate or that can be the result of any addiction and we can help to process any bad things that may have happened to you in the past. We generally start with a one hour consultation in order to understand your specific situation. We then create a tailored programme for you that, with your commitment, will transform your life.

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Can addictions be cured?
Yes, with the right treatment, the right therapist and with 100% commitment from the sufferer can become addiction-free. We believe the key to freedom is in confronting and tackling the underlying pain behind the addiction.

Why do addictions start?
Addictions are a coping strategy. Generally the sufferer develops the addiction, whether the use of a substance (alcohol, drugs, food etc.) or a process (gambling, shopping, pornography etc.) as an escape from pain in their lives. Often that pain has been caused originally by some kind of trauma. The way we see addiction is simply as the sufferer’s way of coping with that trauma and of managing that pain. However, the addiction itself just heaps more anguish on to the sufferer and the people they love. It just makes everything worse! It’s this way of looking at the issue that enables us to work with compassion and empathy and to focus on healing strategies that work.

Are addictions a choice?
They are absolutely not a choice. Many of the people we treat would give anything to be free of their destructive addiction. However, recovery can be difficult. Sufferers need support and they need the right treatment for them. That’s where the Expertise, understanding, experience and compassion of the team at Transformative comes in.