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360º Resilience Training Workshop

Understand, Nurture & Develop the WHOLE person

This unique one-day resilience training course is at the heart of our Company Wellness service and is designed to look at your employees as fully rounded individuals, giving equal attention to both the mental and physical attributes of a person in order to build a resilient mind and body. This workshop gives the participants time and space to focus on the issues that could be affecting their own mental and physical wellbeing, such as stress, work/life balance, unhealthy habits, energy levels and sleep quality. Your employees will achieve a new sense of awareness of their own stress levels and overall wellness and take away a set of personalised action steps that can help build their own resilience and sense of wellbeing.

Our approach

We have a three-stage approach to address all the issues around the resilience and wellbeing of your team.

  1. We carry out a Mind/Body audit of your team or department, asking each participant to answer a confidential questionnaire which covers their sense of wellbeing and mental health.
  2. We design and deliver a bespoke resilience training programme for your team which includes practical exercises and presentations on all the key pillars of mental and physical resilience.
  3. We have a follow up session with the management team to discuss the learnings and agree any follow-up steps.

360º Resilience Training Workshop – What to expect

Our resilience training and wellbeing workshop normally runs for 4-8 hours depending on the size of the group. We encourage all levels of the team to attend and it can be held in-house or at a location offsite.

We use a powerful combination of engaging practical exercises and learning delivery to measure both the team’s and the individual’s resilience and explore how they can better manage life’s daily stresses and pressures and optimise their wellbeing covering the following two key areas:

A Resilient Mind

  • Understanding how your mind works
  • Understanding your stress triggers
  • Understanding your stress responses
  • How to regain control and affect positive change?

A Resilient Body

  • Nutrition – the importance of a clean diet
  • Energy levels – how to improve your stamina
  • Exercise – destress and recharge your body
  • Sleep – establishing a consistent sleep routine.

The team gains new insights into how they can effectively strengthen their own resilience which is a key learning from this training. They also learn how to recognise the stressors and pressures that can impact on their performance. Equally, they gain a comprehensive understanding of the effects of stress on the body and how to build physical resilience in the areas of diet, exercise, relaxation and sleep.  This really is Resilience 360º – leading to a mentally strong and physically fit workforce.

Transformative’s Resilience Training workshops can be offered as a stand-alone service or as part of a broader Company Resilience programme that might also include Corporate Wellness, hypno-coaching or Team BuildingContact us for more information and pricing or complete the form at the bottom of this page to request a call-back or a FREE consultation.


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