Corporate Wellness

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Corporate Wellness: 

Gradually, corporate organisations of all kinds and all sizes are recognising the importance of placing a focus on workplace wellbeing through Corporate Wellness programmes. At last people’s wellbeing is being seen as a priority. And it’s no longer just because the links between a happier healthier team and higher productivity, less absenteeism and lower staff churn are better understood and documented. It’s because organisations of all kinds recognise that they have a responsibility to ensure that the people they employ are happy and healthy.

It is also significant that progressive organisations have moved beyond offering their people passive support to providing active solutions. Solutions that address any issues and change lives for the better.

At Transformative we have a suite of services aimed at Corporate organisations and their people. All of our services are tailored to your organisation, your people, your current and previous experience of workplace wellness initiatives and your objectives. We are equally happy to work at your premises or at an off-site location of your choice, whether we are working with you on Wellness Programmes, Resilience Training, Stress Management, Hypno-Coaching, Team-Building, EAPs or any combination of these. 

Our core principals are clear: we listen, we tailor, we implement…  And we measure. Unlike some corporate wellness companies we come from a corporate background ourselves. We therefore understand intrinsically the challenges and boundaries involved in planning workplace wellness initiatives. We also understand the need to track and measure progress. At Transformative we provide feedback opportunities throughout our programmes and for our one-to-one services have developed a unique method of gauging wellness levels in your people before and after our input and can therefore provide clear reports demonstrating to you and your Board how we have delivered positive change.

We also have a range of Individual Wellness services to complement our Corporate Wellness services. We have found that when we are engaged in workplace wellness, that individuals often approach us to enquire whether we can continue our work with them on a one-to-one basis.

Our Individual Wellness services include treatments for anxiety, panic disorder, fears and phobias and depression. They also include our hypnobirthing programme for expectant mothers and specialist, expert treatments for Bulimia and Binge Eating disorder.

If you’d like to know more about how we work or about any of our Corporate Wellness programmes please Contact us using the form below for more information and pricing or complete the form on our Contact page to request a call-back or a FREE telephone consultation.


What makes Transformative unique in the Irish wellness consultancy landscape?
There are three areas that set Transformative apart:

  1. Focus
    Transformative focuses on, and specialises in, helping groups and individuals transform their mental and physical wellness and thrive. All of our services are focused on this goal.
  2. Approach
    Transformative has a refreshing, no-nonsense approach designed to cut to the heart of the matter quickly. All of our services have been designed to be applied quickly and efficiently and to deliver pre-agreed measurable business outcomes for your organisation. We have developed unique processes for many of our services in order to enable this.
  3. Pricing
    The pricing of some of the large wellness consultancies puts them out of reach for many. Not so with Transformative. Our pricing and programme structures are designed to make our services accessible for large companies and SMBs alike.

Taken together, these three factors, along with the fact that Transformative is an Irish company dedicated to supporting Irish business and industry, make Transformative unique in the Irish wellness consultancy landscape.

Is there any need to invest in Corporate Wellness services?
In answer to this question, you might find the following statistics interesting reading:

  • 37% of employees have considered leaving their job due to stress at work
    (Source: MetLife Employee Benefits, March 2015)
  • 47% of employees find their job stressful (Source: MetLife Employee Benefits, March 2015)
  • 48% of employees have seen their stress levels increase in the past year
    (Source: MetLife Employee Benefits, March 2015)
  • 85% of employers believe they have a significant responsibility to provide staff with an environment that promotes mental wellbeing (Source: Buck Consultants at Xerox, August 2015)
  • 51% of employers rate their organisation as very or extremely supportive of employees’ mental wellbeing (Source: Buck Consultants at Xerox, August 2015)
  • 25% of UK workers do not know how to deal with stress and try to keep it to themselves
    (Source: CV Library, November 2015)