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Anxiety: A modern epidemic.

Anxiety can take many forms: general, social, exam, public speaking, financial, or for apparently no reason at all. It can be debilitating, limiting and difficult to control. It can also form the platform for other chronic conditions such as insomnia, IBS and fibromyalgia, for instance. In the modern western world with all its pressures and demands, it has reached near epidemic proportions… Particularly worrisome is the explosion of anxiety-related disorders amongst our children, teens and young adults.

At Transformative we tackle the root cause of the problem, using special techniques to peel away the layers and discover why certain situations, events or people can trigger anxiety in you. We can help you to understand why you feel these feelings, why they can feel so overwhelming and how to think differently about yourself and your life experiences in order to regain control. Using treatments such as clinical hypnotherapy, we can even help you ‘re-programme’ your mind, enabling you to enjoy everything life has to offer anxiety-free.

We are specialists in the treatment of anxiety and related conditions. And there are a great many related, conditions! As well as insomnia, IBS and fibromyalgia mentioned above, there are also Panic Attacks, PTSD, Fears & Phobias and even Depression.

Everybody is unique and every condition is different, so the first step is a brief FREE telephone consultation in which we can assess your particular issue(s) and recommend the best course of treatment for you.

You will be amazed at how quickly and easily your condition can be treated. Lasting change is just a phone call away. Complete the form below to book your FREE telephone consultation.

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Can Anxiety be treated?
Yes, it can. We have very many happy anxiety-free former clients. Scroll to the bottom of our home page to see our testimonials. Read them, and imagine being able to add to them yourself in just a short while!

What types of Anxiety can you treat?
We can treat all types: whether general, social, exam, public speaking, financial and every other kind you can think of. In the many decades of collective experience the therapists at Transformative have amassed, they have seen and successfully treated them all.

What if I am anxious about making contact with you or meeting a therapist?
All our therapists have extensive experience of working with people suffering with all kinds of anxiety. You are guaranteed empathy and kindness, from the moment you first pick up the phone to us, to the moment you complete your final session with us and are anxiety-free.

Can you treat children and young people?
Yes. All out therapists are Garda vetted and several of them are highly experienced and have specialist training and qualifications in the treatment of under 18s.