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Hypno-Coaching – A powerful combination of executive coaching and clinical hypnotherapy techniques

Tim France, Founder of Transformative, is an experienced speaker, mentor and executive coach with over 30 years experience in the corporate world in both London and Dublin. Many of those years were spent in leadership and senior management roles at international organisations. Tim is also a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist and member of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapists of Ireland (ICHI). As part of Transformative’s Wellness offering for businesses, Transformative is therefore able to offer one-to-one Hypno-Coaching… But what is Hypno-Coaching?

Hypno-Coaching is a combination of conventional executive coaching techniques and clinical hypnotherapy techniques. It is powerful, fast and very effective. We like to think of it as executive coaching on steroids, because through hypnotherapy techniques we can access the subconscious mind directly and make permanent changes that will help you in your working life. We can  use clinical hypnotherapy techniques to increase your resilience, improve your response to stressful situations, boost your confidence levels, enhance your presentation and public speaking skills or sharpen your decision-making and negotiation skills. We can also use them to remove ‘blockers’ such as negative beliefs, limiting thoughts, old emotional residue, physical trauma and even fears and phobias.

The benefits of this process are that changes can be made very successfully and very quickly. A study by Dr. A. Barrios published in American health magazine showed that hypnotherapy was more effective and faster acting than both psychoanalysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


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We can generally successfully affect the positive changes that many people want to achieve within just six sessions. The changes are permanent and you will start noticing and feeling a difference even before your last session with us.

For more information on Hypno-Coaching and how it works, see our Hypno-Coaching and Mental Health in the Workplace blog post.

Transformative’s Hypno-Coaching service can be offered as a stand-alone service or as part of a broader Corporate Wellness Programme that might also include Wellness Programmes, Resilience Training, Stress Management, Team-Building and EAPs. Contact us for more information and pricing or complete the form at the bottom of this page to request a call-back or a FREE consultation.


Will the Hypnotherapist be able control me?
No. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a 100% consent state. Your hypno-coach may make suggestions to you during your session, but you always have the choice as to whether you accept or reject those suggestions. Your coach will spend lots of time consulting with you during your hypo-coaching sessions to ensure that they are focused on the changes that you want to make. It is therefore highly unlikely that any suggestions will be made that you do not 100% welcome.

What kind of changes can Hypno-Coaching make?
We can make all kinds of changes including treating more serious conditions such as anxiety and depression, but within the working environment we find that most people enjoy working to increase their resilience, improving their responses to stressful situations, boosting their confidence levels, enhancing their presentation and public speaking skills or sharpening their decision-making and negotiation skills.

Are the sessions confidential?
Yes. All our sessions are 100% confidential. If your company is paying for your sessions as part of a wider corporate wellness or resilience training package they will obviously know that your sessions are taking place, but it will be up to you whether or not you share the content of your sessions with anybody else. If you engage us as a private client, nobody but yourself need know that you are working with us or what we have worked on.

For more information on Clinical Hypnotherapy and how it works, see our Hypnotherapy page.