Resilience Training

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Resilience Training – Understand, Nurture & Develop.

Our Resilience Training programme is unique. We focus on explaining the science of stress and resilience in an accessible and interactive way. Over the course of the programme we share practical, proven tips and tools for dealing with the two main stressors we all encounter in the workplace “sudden impact” and “sustained attrition”. We can also go into more depth about our subconscious triggers and why it is that two people in the same situation can behave completely differently and experience very different stress levels. We can share relaxation and insomnia-busting techniques and even build in time for a guided relaxation session… A real favourite with our clients!

We have delivered our popular Resilience Training programme at this stage to many organisations and each time it’s different… That’s because we tailor our programme to your people, to your organisation and to your needs.

We can easily tailor the length of your Resilience Training programme… So whether you’d like a one off or a series, a half or a full day, or whether you’d just like an hour or couple of hours here and there, we can adjust our content and delivery accordingly.

And we can tailor things to your group size too… Maybe you’d like us to give a talk to a larger group or a more interactive workshop-style session to a smaller group, it’s no problem to us.

N.B. If many of your staff are currently working from home, we can provide online resilience sessions for up to 100 individuals at a time via our video conferencing facilities!

The most important thing for you to know about us is that we listen first and then we make our recommendations and put together the best content for your stage in the workplace wellness journey, for your objectives and for your people.

Here’s what a recent client said about our Resilience Training programme:

“The training covered how the mind works and why some people are triggered in certain ways in stressful situations and how when people are triggered their ability to respond can be diminished. The training also provided the team with practical tools and coping strategies for dealing with stressful situations. The material delivered was fresh and brought an original perspective on some established thinking. What I was most impressed with however, was that Transformative had taken care to ensure that it fitted well with our company values and messaging. This could only have been achieved by excellent listening at the planning stage and a willingness to understand our culture here. My team have requested that we get Transformative back shortly and further evolve the learning. Personally I could not rate this training highly enough and I thank Tim & his Team at Transformative for a really impactful session.”
Senior Manager, Microsoft.

Transformative’s Resilience Training workshops can be offered as a stand-alone service or as part of a broader workplace wellness Programme that might also include Wellness Programmes, Stress Management, Hypno-Coaching, Team-Building and EAPs.

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