About Transformative

Transformative is passionate about helping businesses and individuals transform their physical and mental wellness.

We recognise the importance of addressing the wellness of the whole person – looking at stress, work/life balance, nutrition, energy levels and sleep quality. We provide bespoke training to your teams that addresses both the physical and the mental, targeting all the key issues that can be limiting performance, and holding people back.

Our compassionate approach to both company and individual wellness informs everything we do. Drawing on the expertise of our team, with decades of experience in corporate leadership, along with sound academic credentials and practical know-how, ensures we deliver impactful results that nurture both your business and your people ensuring that they are ‘match fit’ and ready to succeed in today’s challenging business environment.

Transformative’s services include Resilience Training, Team-Building and Corporate Wellness programmes for groups and Hypno-Coaching and Wellness Coaching for individuals. Our no-nonsense, ‘route one’ approach and focus on the transformation of both organisations and individuals, along with our relentless drive to deliver measurable business outcomes for our corporate clients and lasting positive change for our personal clients, makes our service unique in the Irish business landscape.

Company Wellness

Resilience Training

“Resilience doesn’t get you everything, it gets you the one thing that means everything to you.”

Corporate Wellness

“Ensuring your people are healthy and happy has to be a priority for all responsible organisations.”


“If you master your own mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.”

Personal Wellness

Wellness Coaching

“Love and cherish your mind and body, they are the most amazing things you will ever own.”


“The mind is more powerful than you can imagine. And you can have more control than you think.”


“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear.”

Our Key People


“There was a noticeable improvement in my performance, almost immediately, driven by the increased level of confidence I gained from the coaching. The coach provided a secure, confidential and comfortable environment which made it very easy for me to open up and therefore make the most of each session. I would highly recommend this coaching.”

Hypno Coaching Sinead, Microsoft

“Transformative helped me immensely in tackling my anxiety. I feel so much better now than I ever have before. I am extremely grateful and wholeheartedly appreciative of their help. My experience was wonderful. I was so comfortable and relaxed the entire time.”

Anxiety Attacks Elise, Wicklow

“I have just completed three sessions with Transformative where they helped me deal with some legacy issues linked to my addiction to alcohol. Despite being clean and sober for over 40 years there were areas in my life that needed to be addressed and Transformative with their caring, empathic and professional approach helped me through hypnosis to heal.”

Alcohol Addiction Paddy, Kerry

“Last Summer 2017 I started to have severe anxiety and panic attacks. It got so bad that I couldn’t sleep in my own bed and I stopped going to places like the cinema and shopping centres. Now in February 2018 Thanks to Transformative, I have been Panic Attack and Anxiety free after only three sessions. Not only that but I have clarity and joy even in the little things in life. I am eternally grateful.”

Panic Attacks Olive, Dublin

“I completed my sessions with Transformative a couple months ago, and these past two weeks I had three oral and performance exams. I would normally have panic attacks in these situations, but after receiving help, I was completely calm. I would not have been able to do these exams without Transformative’s help!”

Exam Performance Elise, Dublin