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Hypnobirthing: Confidence, connection, control.

“The hypnobirthing programme with Transformative was invaluable to me and helped me to get rid of the fears and worries I had about labour. It also enabled me to create a calm state for myself to focus and relax, both in the lead up to the event and during labour, meaning I was more in control and confident about the entire birthing experience. I had the empowering, natural birth I wanted, and credit goes to Tim and the full programme. I can’t recommend it highly enough!”
Cara, Dublin.

Our new one-to-one hypnobirthing programme ‘Mother & Baby Harmony’ – A brand new ‘mix and match’ 3-part programme for expectant mothers:
i. Nutrition for you and your baby (optional)
ii. Positive re-programming and deep connection with your baby
iii. Hypnobirthing, relaxation and Pain control.

The connection between an expectant mother and her growing baby is a deeply physical one, with both the mother’s and the baby’s bodies changing dramatically as the baby grows and gets ready to come into the world. We know how important it is to pay attention to this physical connection and to these physical changes, making sure that you develop healthy habits and that you and your baby receive the right nutrition to help you both stay healthy throughout this special time. However, with the relentless focus on the physical, in some respects our society has forgotten to place equal focus on the mental connection. The irony of this is that focus on the mental enables greater control of the physical… This is where we come in, helping you to identify, feel and use mental connections and by doing so to tune in to both yourself and your own body and your baby, enabling you to connect with them on a deeper level and helping you to relax and to control any physical discomfort you may feel as the baby grows and, most importantly, during the birth.

With this in mind, we are proud to introduce a brand new holistic service for expectant mothers. Bringing together elements from our health and wellbeing, hypnobirthing and pain control programmes, Mother & Baby Harmony is a comprehensive programme for pregnant mothers and their babies.

The programme is spilt into three modules, with each part comprising 2 sessions… Six sessions in all:

Module I – Nutrition for you and your baby (Optional)
Session 1 – 90 Minutes
One 90 minute session with a Dietary Counsellor who is also qualified as a Wellness Coach. They will look at every angle of your current eating habits (and cravings!) and will help advise on the perfect food programme and wellness plan for you and your baby. Everyone is different, and your programme will be unique to you, taking into account your lifestyle and your own personal food preferences.

Eating the right foods (and avoiding the wrong ones!) is essential, particularly during pregnancy, and can ensure that your baby receives the right nutrition to help them develop naturally and healthily. Eating the right foods in the right way and at the right times can also minimise heart-burn and bloating, give you more energy and help you sleep better.

Session 2 – 90 Minutes
Your next session will be with a Clinical Hypnotherapist. The first part of the session will be a consultation in which they will take time to understand your own personal wishes and help tailor the rest of the sessions exactly to your needs. During the second part of the session the therapist will use clinical hypnotherapy, to help you make the dietary and healthy eating changes recommended by the Dietary Counsellor easy for you to achieve by embedding them in your subconscious mind and connecting with your baby. Making the healthy food choices that will help you and your baby receive the right nutrition is made easy through hypnotherapy.

Module II – Positive Re-Programming and Deep Connection with your Baby
Session 3 & 4 – 90 Minutes each

In these sessions, again using clinical hypnotherapy along with hypnobirthing techniques, the Clinical Hypnotherapist will start to re-programme all of the negative information that all women are exposed to throughout their lives around childbirth. From early in our lives we are all bombarded with negative messages and images about childbirth, whether through TV, films and books or through the women we know that have had children and who seem to revel in the “horror stories”… Even the word “labour” contains the connotation that the experience will be hard work!

This part of the programme powerfully re-programmes the subconscious mind to remove all of this negative mental baggage and replace it with positive programming, reminding you that giving birth is a beautiful and natural process to be eagerly anticipated and not feared. It also replaces the negative, violent words we are all so familiar with, such as “contractions”, “pain” and “pushing” and replaces them with gentle, natural words like “surges” and “birth-breathing”.

During these sessions we also create powerful, natural subconscious connections between you and your developing baby. This allows you to feel, and be, more deeply in tune with each other.

Module III – Relaxation and Pain Control
Sessions 5 & 6 – 90 Minutes each
In these sessions, again we use cinical hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing techniques to prepare for the birth by teaching you deep physical and mental relaxation that you will be able to use when the time comes to give birth to your baby. We show you how to take your mind to a beautiful place and how, by doing this, you can stay calm and relaxed throughout the process, and how this peaceful mental state can transmit to the baby, building on the deep connections you already have.

We show you, and help you practice how to control any discomfort that may come as the baby gets ready to enter into the world.

This programme is accompanied by an MP3 file that you can take away and listen to in your own time to help reinforce the sessions and keep you and your growing baby calm and anxiety free throughout your pregnancy and during the birthing process.


What are the benefits of hypnobirthing techniques?
Hypnobirthing techniques can help you have a shorter first stage labour, less intense discomfort during childbirth, a shorter stay in hospital and less fear and anxiety.

When is the best time during my pregnancy to undertake this programme?
There is no wrong time to undertake this programme, provided there is enough time before your due date to fit in the six sessions, however, we would recommend undertaking the programme as early as possible during your pregnancy, as all the parts of the programme work together to reinforce positivity and well-being, to help your baby develop healthily and peacefully and to help you both to connect on a deeper level.

For hypnobirthing techniques to work whilst giving birth, does the hypnotherapist have to be present?
Not at all! We would never be present, or look to be present, at the birth. We prepare you for the birth of your baby and teach you techniques that you can use yourself.

Where can my ‘Mother and Baby Harmony’ sessions take place?
It is important that you feel as comfortable and are as relaxed as possible during the sessions. You can visit our beautiful peaceful clinic in the heart of Wicklow Town, or if you prefer, we can visit you in your own home. If your employer is covering or part-covering the cost of your sessions as part of an employee maternity benefit scheme and has private meeting rooms or treatment rooms on site, we can even visit you in your workplace.

Is your hypnobirthing programme to a group or one-to-one?
Our ‘Mother and Baby Harmony’ programme is one-to-one and is entirely focused on and tailored to you.

How long is the programme?
The programme is generally a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks long, although it can be tailored to fit your schedule. We recommend that sessions are at least one week apart.

How much does it cost?
Our hypnobirthing programme is completely flexible. You can do the full 6-sessions, or you can do any one of the modules as a stand-alone, or in any combination. Costs therefore vary from €295.00 inc VAT for one 2-session module to €845.00 inc VAT for all 6 sessions. Contact us using the form below or via our contact page to discuss your tailored programme. Payments are also flexible and can be spread across the duration of the programme either evenly or in any other way that suits your budget. We accept all major credit and payment cards in person or via phone.