Fears and Phobias

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Fears and Phobias: It’s time to find freedom!

At Transformative we can treat all fears and phobias. Some of the phobias we have come across: fear of flying, fear of motorway driving, fear of water or fear of heights can have a profound effect on the sufferer’s life, limiting their activities dramatically. In some cases, as in the case of agoraphobia, the sufferer can even be rendered completely house-bound.

Whether your fears and phobias limit your activities severely or are just annoying and inconvenient, such as fear of public speaking or fear of insects and animals (fear of spiders, mice, cats or dogs, for instance) at Transformative we treat them all with empathy and understanding. We know that all fears and phobias are very real to the sufferer and will therefore take your’s seriously whether or not you or anyone else thinks it’s ‘silly’.

The main tool we use in the treatment of fears and phobias is clinical hypnotherapy. We have a proven track record in this area and a very high success rate. In the case of less serious phobias we can treat your condition in just one 2 to 2.5 hour session. In the case of more serious phobias, such as severe agoraphobia, for instance, we may need three or four sessions.

Talk to us about your fear or phobia today and we will tell you right away whether we are able to treat it or not and how many sessions it might take.

We treat fears and phobias at our clinic in Wicklow Town (see our Contact page for address and directions). By special arrangement we can also visit you at your home, if your condition prevents you from visiting us.

Use the form below to ask us any questions you might have about your fear or phobia.


Have you come across my phobia before?
We have come across most phobias before, however whether we have or not is irrelevant. We can treat almost any genuine phobia and it really won’t matter to us if your’s is unusual. We know that to the sufferer a fear or phobia is very real and will treat your fear or phobia seriously.

Can phobias be cured?
Most phobias can be cured quickly and completely in just a few sessions using clinical hypnotherapy. We use special techniques to identify and find the root cause of your phobia and remove it permanently.

What causes phobias?
Fears and phobias generally originate through negative experiences or situations throughout life. They exist in the subconscious rather than the conscious mind. That’s why it can be difficult to overcome them using logic or willpower. That’s also why we use clinical hypnotherapy, which deals directly with the subconscious mind, to treat them effectively.

What if I can’t leave my home?
We are dedicated to helping people with phobias and can arrange to visit you at your own home if your phobia is so severe that you feel unable to leave the house.