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Wellness Programmes – A direct, positive impact

It is both a cliché and a truth to say that your people are your most valuable asset. You ignore their wellbeing at your peril, but conversely, paying attention to, and investing in, their wellbeing will pay your organisation dividends. Well designed Wellness Programmes can have a direct positive impact on your organisation at many levels. But organisations are no longer investing just because of the links between a happier healthier team and higher productivity, less absenteeism and lower staff churn. It’s because organisations of all kinds recognise that they have a responsibility to ensure that the people they employ are happy and healthy.

Transformative offers both group and one-to-one sessions to address the wellbeing of your people. The first step is to undertake a discovery session with you in order to understand the make-up of your teams and the challenges they face. This is in order to design Wellness Programmes that will work for you and for your people and that will deliver the outcomes that you want. This is important because, as with everything we undertake at Transformative, it is critical for us that we are able to deliver measurable business outcomes for our clients in all the areas that we work in… Wellness Programmes are no exception!

We focus on resilience, stress management, energy, sleep and nutrition. We can also help your people overcome barriers and ‘blockers’ such as negative beliefs, limiting thoughts or lack of confidence, using group training sessions or one-to-one programmes such as Hypno-Coaching. Either of which are always both enjoyable and effective. See the testimonials at the bottom of our Home Page.

Transformative’s Wellness Programmes can be offered as a stand-alone service or as part of a broader Corporate Wellness programme that might also include Resilience Training, Stress Management, Hypno-Coaching, Team-Building and EAPs. Contact us for more information and pricing or complete the form at the bottom of this page to request a call-back or a FREE consultation.


What does the term ‘Wellness’ mean in a corporate setting?
It’s a term that has becoming increasingly important to leadership teams around the world. It is clear that in today’s 24/7 connected world where much is demanded of working people, it can be all too easy for them to adopt unhealthy habits, whether related to sleep, work-life balance, stress, nutrition or something else. Quite rightly, modern organisations are realising that it is counter-productive to have high expectations of their staff without delivering equally high quality support for their well-being, and that is where Wellness Programmes can come in.

What benefits could the introduction of corporate wellness programmes bring to your organisation?
Happy, healthy staff are more productive because they are likely to be more focused and effective during working hours and they are less likely to take sick leave. If they are happy in their work and feel valued by their leadership they will also be less likely to move on. Often staff costs can be one of the highest overheads an organisation bears… Increasing productivity, minimising sick leave and reducing staff churn with its costly recruitment processes and impact to the business will directly and positively impact your numbers. But regardless of these benefits, more and more organisations are recognising their responsibility to ensure their people are happy and healthy.

How does it work?
Any Wellness Programme we implement is tailor-made to each individual organisation because every organisation is unique. We begin be undertaking a discovery session, partly in order to understand the level of input required to make an improvement and partly to benchmark the position of your company and its people against the future successes we will deliver. We then design a combination of group and individual wellness programmes that will address your unique requirements. Upon your approval, we then implement the programmes, checking in at agreed intervals to monitor progress and measure results.