Wellness Webinars

Wellness Webinars

Wellness Webinars – Direct and effective support for your people

With all of us having been through such an intense period of upheaval and change and with so much uncertainty and change still ahead of us, it is now more important than ever that organisations support their staff in every way possible. At Transformative we have developed a series of unique wellness webinars that directly address mental wellbeing and provide practical tools and advice that your people can use both in these challenging times, and into the future.

Over the past few months we have conducted a number of surveys of staff, particularly of office staff working remotely. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have surveyed well over 1,000 individuals in total. One question we asked was “What stresses you most about long term remote working?”. By far, the top two answers given by remote working staff were: “Lower quality contact with colleagues”, (28% of respondents) and “isolation”(19% of respondents).

Instinctively, I’m sure we all know that the mental health and wellbeing of long term remote working staff is at risk. However, this doesn’t make our survey results any easier to read. Luckily there is a lot we can do to help.

Here is a selection of some of the wellness webinars we have available. All are one hour long:

  • Resilience Whilst Long-Term Remote Working
    This session is a new session we have recently developed specifically to support people who are long-term remote working. We talk about what long-term remote working has been like for all of us. We discuss what we can do to build our resilience whilst long-term remote working, including practical tips, and talk about what we can do to support each other.
  • Developing Healthy Sleep Habits for Physical & Mental Wellbeing
    This session is dedicated to the easiest activity we can all do that has the greatest potential health benefit. We talk about why sleep is so important. Introduce the latest information on the ‘gut-brain axis’ and its importance to our general wellbeing, and go through what a healthy sleep routine looks like with lots of tips and tricks.
  • Nutrition for Physical & Mental Wellbeing
    This session can be a companion to the session on sleep or a stand alone. In this session we go through some healthy diet myth-busting, then revisit the gut-brain axis from a dietary perspective. Sleep is the best single thing we can do for our brains. Healthy nutrition is obviously the best thing we can do for our guts. But this session isn’t just about nutrition, it’s also about developing healthy eating habits generally… And it includes a run-through of five strategies for optimising your mental wellbeing through healthy food habits. It’s a particularly interactive session that receives great feedback.
  • Personal Change-Management as a Cornerstone or Resilience
    In this session we look at ‘change’ as a key aspect of resilience. We discuss what’s changed for us all over the past 12 months. Look at why we find change so difficult from the perspective of the subconscious mind. We then speculate on what further changes we can expect, in this period of extraordinary change and upheaval, and go through an interactive exercise to help us manage that change more easily.

Transformative’s Wellness Webinars can be offered as a stand-alone service or as part of a broader Corporate Wellness programme that might also include: Wellness Programmes, Resilience Training, Stress Management, Hypno-Coaching, Team-Building and EAPs. Contact us for more information and pricing or complete the form at the bottom of this page to request a call-back or a FREE consultation.


Can Transformative’s wellness webinars be tailored?
Yes, absolutely. Perhaps you need major adjustments, such as angling the webinar to take account of your people’s specific challenges. Perhaps you need key company messaging woven in. Or perhaps you simply want to include some important information, such as EAP service contact details. Whatever your requirements are we are happy to tailor our webinars to make them as effective as possible for your people.

Are your wellness webinars stand alone, or can they be delivered as a series?
Most of our clients book us to deliver a series of webinars and many of our webinars work together to build into an overall story. However, almost all of our webinars are also designed to work as a standalone, if that is what you would prefer.

Does the list above represent all of your available wellness webinars?
Absolutely not. The above list is a sample only. We have a wide range of content, particularly in different aspects of resilience… Contact us today and we would be more than happy to take you through the options that might best suit your organisation.