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Online Training: “Freedom from Anxiety and Stress for Resilience and Achievement.”

Developed by Tim France, experienced leader, speaker, mentor and mind coach and Stephen Travers, mental health expert and international trainer in leading edge neuroscientific approaches, Transformative is delighted to present a brand new online training programme: Freedom from Anxiety and Stress for Resilience and Achievement.

The programme is ground-breaking and unique in its departure from the common, more mindfulness based approaches to workplace wellness, as it is grounded in the latest neuro-science and its practical applications. It has been specially developed in response to the global Covid 19 pandemic and the secondary mental health pandemic that is without any doubt following in its wake.

A study published by the Harvard Business Review in February 2021 gathering survey data from 46 countries showed that the vast majority of people are already struggling with general and workplace wellbeing:

Harvard Business Review Study – February 2021

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The programme harnesses the power of leading edge Neuroplasticity Psychological Techniques to provide attendees with effective practical tools for down-regulating stress and anxiety thereby enabling calm and effective problem-solving, which in itself further significantly contributes to a stress-free working environment and to general mental wellbeing.

Goals of the Course:

  1. To understand the science of stress
  2. To discover the latest neuro-technologies and how we can use them
  3. To build familiarity with the neuroscientific techniques available to us to down-regulate stress and build resilience
  4. To learn how to use cutting edge neuroscientific techniques to clear unresolved anxiety, stress and negative feelings
  5. To learn neuroplasticity hacks for empowered resiliency development
  6. To design your daily program and build your empowered Neurogarden.

The course comprises four modules of approximately one hour each:

Module 1 – A foundation in the latest discoveries and research in the neuroscience of stress

  1. The stressors we encounter and their effect on us
  2. The role of stress and the neuroscience behind it
  3. What are the latest neuroscientific discoveries and why they are so key to the treatment of stress and anxiety?
  4. An introduction to the concept of Subjective Units of Distress scale
  5. An introduction to the fast and effective treatment of stress and anxiety.

Module 2 – The practical neuroscientific techniques for fast and effective anxiety and stress relief

  1. A deeper understanding of the tools available for Stress and Anxiety relief, leading to greater resilience
  2. Understanding our Ultradian rhythm and how to harness it for resilience
  3. Practical systematic relaxation technique
  4. The role of colour & breath. 

Module 3 – Using Neuroplasticity for developing resilience and success

  1. Iffirmational & affirmational techniques and how to master them
  2. Broadening our toolbox of neurological techniques for confidence & resilience
  3. The power of gratitude
  4. The role of gratitude in enhancing the effectiveness of resiliency work.

Module 4 – Maintaining and building upon resiliency for future positive outcomes 

  1. The power of visualisation – Negative vs Positive Mental Rehearsal 
  2. Outcome techniques and the use of deep relaxation skills to become more relaxed, focused and effective 
  3. Power posing & confidence 
  4. Tipping point effect – the development of a daily schedule for resiliency.

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Does the training programme result in freedom from anxiety?
The programme provides participants with all the knowledge, techniques and practical skills they need to down-regulate stress and anxiety, to regain access to their ‘thinking brain’ and to effectively address whatever challenges they face.

Is the training programme designed for groups or for individuals?
The programme is designed for groups?

What is the maximum recommended number of attendees?
We recommend that a maximum of 40 attendees should attend the programme at one time. This is to ensure adequate time for questions and enough access to trainers for attendees to perfect the stress and anxiety regulation techniques taught.

How much does the programme cost?
Costs depend on the number of participants attending the programme. We can quickly provide you with costs for your organisation. Simply complete and submit the form below to express your interest. Please use the message field to indicate your interest in our ‘Freedom from Anxiety Training’.