Stress Management


Stress is one of the most serious problems facing modern business… And yet, how often have you seen stress management appear as a priority in an annual report, or stress appear in the ‘Threats’ section of an organisation’s SWOT chart? It is an unseen menace, causing havoc with staff health. It’s symptoms are too many to mention, but they include headaches, teeth-grinding, neck and back pain, chest pain, anxiety, forgetfulness. Stress leads to absenteeism, high staff churn, poor performance and lost opportunities. But our unique and innovative Corporate Wellness programmes will tackle all of that!

At Transformative we come from corporate backgrounds and understand all too well the pressures and pace of the modern corporate world. We know that as a senior manager you have limited budget and resources and ever more pressure on yourself and your people to perform better, improve productivity and grow the bottom line year on year… Relentless pressure. We know that stress management is likely to be low on your priority list with so much on your plate, but we also know that if you were to address stress and the wellness of your team generally, everything would get much easier.

Taking your foot off the peddle, giving your people more time off to hug trees, reducing hours, removing targets, just might not be viable options. But what if you could train your people to be less stressed? What if you could condition them to be happier and healthier? What if there was a proven Corporate Wellness programme that effectively addressed staff stress levels, happiness and health without affecting productivity or targets except for the better!… And what if that programme was measurable, so that you could monitor it over a short period of time and see it working?

Isn’t that a no-brainer?

That’s where Transformative’s unique Stress Management programme comes in, part of a suite of corporate wellness packages that we offer to businesses of all sizes.

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