Clare Murray Hickey

Clare Murray-Hickey

Clare Murray Hickey is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, (Reg. Psychologist Ps.S. I, Psychological Society of Ireland).

Clare’s core training and orientation includes in-depth theoretical and applied Person-Centered Therapy, Process orientated, and Psychodynamic Therapy. It also included Brief Solution Focused Therapy and skills training in Couples and Bereavement Counseling.

Clare’s under graduate studies included Life-Span development (Emotional, Cognitive, Social and Behavioural development), Health Psychology, Abnormal Psychological Development and Cognitive Psychology and Psychoanalytic studies (Freud and Lacan).

In her work Clare draws on these wide ranges of theoretical and practical experience. Clare has worked in the field of Psychotherapy since 2004.

Clare endeavours to provide a safe place to explore whatever difficulties may be present, offering a setting where one can be really listened to, where issues, whatever they may be, big or small, can be explored at one’s own pace.

Clare endeavours to provide a deeper understanding and a working through of thoughts, feelings and behaviour, aspects of which may be outside of conscious awareness but may be impacting on emotional, physical and mental health. Aspects that may be hindering us from creating and maintaining nourishing and meaningful relationships.

Clare’s approach to counseling is based on the belief that each one of us is on a unique journey through life, although at times a painful one.

Clare feels privileged to share this journey with those who seek insight, support, and healing. A space to explore what is going on for you on the journey of increased mental health and self development.

Clare Murray Hickey works with cognitive, emotional and physical awareness and processing to facilitate exploration and recovery.


Clare Hickey Murray’s training and qualifications include:

M.SC.Counselling Psychology (Trinity College Dublin)

B.A. Psychology (Hons.)

Post Grad. Professional Cert in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

E.M.D.R. (Eye movement and desensitizing reprocessing) training

Post Grad Cert. Integrative Body Work

Cert. Jungian studies (Depth Psychology)

Attendance at Mindfulness Training Week ends

Diploma in Massage and Physiology

Cert. Naturopathic Nutrition